Monday, October 17, 2005

Tomonobu Itagaki isn't a dick after all

In a (sort of) recent interview with 1UP Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki turns out not to be a sexist arsehole, so I can't hate him anymore. Well, I could technically still hate him for wearing sunglasses indoors because that alone is a criminal offense to anyone with half a brain.

However, he actually said some genuinely insightful things that I very much respect. The highlight of which is;

"I just want to say that people who really want to know about videogames should avail themselves to master a traditional game like Chess or Backgammon, find one and master it. In particular Backgammon is a good choice. The way it's played is a good example of having simplicity and a lot of depth. I've never seen anything in the videogame domain that had better playability than that."

He continues...

"The only reason that videogames have become the more popular medium is because it's interactive visual and audio and it's easier to do by yourself. But people who really want to know the essence of gaming, in all its forms, should definitely master a traditional game. There are plenty of games within the realm of gaming that are deeper than videogames. So it's kind of pointless to debate playability in videogames without first learning the basics in that regard.

You know there are people out there who say "Graphics aren't important!" That's ridiculous. It's the whole point. And that's why the games that we make are incredible visually, and we always try to make the playability as good as we can, because that's the whole reason for the existence of videogames."

I think I just pasted enough of that interview to get my swedish behind into some trouble. Let's just hope nobody actually reads this.

Anyway, you can read the full interview and more at

He says lots of funny things and even likes Pikmin, that's awesome!